Is this a Leaf ??? This is Really Awesome Entertainment Life 

Is this a Leaf or What ??? This is Really Awesome

Imagine yourself walking through the woods. You see a pretty-colored leaf and reach down to pick it up. As soon as it’s in your hand, it begins to move. To your horror, surprise and forthcoming heart attack, you realize it’s not a leaf at all! It’s a leaf insect and they are all around you, fooling you with their awesome camouflage. These little guys take on the still and nearly-perfect appearance of a leaf to hide from predators. Some species of leaf insect even look like they have bites taken…

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Playtime with penguins at the beach Entertainment Life 

Playtime with penguins at the beach. What could be better?

If you ever get a chance to travel to Cape Town, South Africa, be sure to stop and see the nearby Boulders Beach. Boulders is a popular local beach that is full of beautiful white sand, clear blue waters and, of course, penguins. That’s right. I said penguins. Boulders Beach is a popular tourist spot near Cape Town, South Africa. But not because of the beautiful sandy beach. People love to stop at this beach and hang out with the local wildlife, a colony of adorable African penguins that live…

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Entertainment Humanities Life 

Watch This Loving Dog As He Tries To Help …

Amazing to See How This Dog is Trying to Help Dogs are amazing creatures, and we humans often don’t give them enough credit for it. They’re loyal and loving… maybe we could even learn something from them, especially from the dog in this video. When this dog with a heart of gold saw what was happening to this poor fish, he tried to rescue it. This will break your heart: (H/T Live Leak, Elite Daily) Somehow, the dog knows the fish needs to be in water, so he did the only…

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Got to See This - The Perfect Doghouse Entertainment Life 

Got to See This – The Perfect Doghouse

All Other Dogs Will Be Jealous! To help out their dog, this family decided to build a house for him under their stairs. They noticed that Jack, their dog, loved to hang out underneath items on the floor. Typically, most dogs instinctively like small crawl spaces for dens. They feel more secure that way. Jack’s family was inspired by these posts on Pinterest, where people used the excess space under the stairs as a place for a doggy den. They made some measurements, gathered their tools (and dog) and got…

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A Blind Man and his Wild Hobby. Entertainment Humanities Life 

A Blind Man and his Wild Hobby.

Carl Bovard is passionate about the future of big cats like tigers, lions, and panthers. As a way of fighting for their future, Bovard opened a sanctuary, Single Vision, in Florida for these big cats. Oh, but did we mention that the 43-year-old Bovard is half blind? Meet Carl Bovard. 13-years-ago Bovard suffered a terrible accent that left him completely blind. The Daily Mail After some time spent recovering, Bovard eventually regained sight in one of his eyes. During his time in complete blindness Bovard said what he missed most of all was…

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