Are You Really Aware That You Are A Cat Today Entertainment Image Life 

Are You Really Aware That You Are A Cat Today?

Sir, Are You Aware That You Are Really A Cat? Read more: You love your pets. Here’s just how you can reveal your love and also give them a splendidly loving gift box each month. Possibly best of all, BarkBox supports thousands of rescue group all over the U.S.A! Subscribe To It’s a regular monthly subscription-based service that sends a special box of hand-selected treats and also toys particularly produced for your pet dog. It is like a birthday celebration for your animals monthly, but much easier and also…

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19 Cats That Know How to Make it Work Entertainment Image Life 

19 Cats That Know How to Make it Work.

People in New York always complain about how small their apartments are and how much they cost. Those people should take some notes from these cats. They seem to have mastered living in tight quarters and for a tiny cost. If only we could all live in cardboard boxes like these cats (and preferably without roommates)… 1.) For Thanksgiving. pulptastic 2.) I bet he ate all the Snack’ems.   pulptastic 3.) The greatest gutter cleaning you’ll ever have. pulptastic 4.) Do cats lay eggs? Because this would be purrrrfect. pulptastic…

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20 Pic's Of Animals showing Love and Care Entertainment Humanities Life 

20 Pic’s Of Animals showing Love and Care

Traditional family values have been questioned over the last fifty years in the United States, but we could all learn a thing or two about unconditional love from these animals. Unusual inter-species adoptions have been happening for years. Although most of these occurred in captivity, they prove just one thing: love is blind. Rex, the German pointer rescued a 4 month-old joey kangaroo at Bells Beach, Victoria, after its mother was killed by a car. A lionness in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda ate this orphaned antelope’s mother, but…

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Watch this Awesome Kangaroo Street Brawl Entertainment Life News 

Watch this Awesome Kangaroo Street Brawl

Two beautiful male kangaroos had an epic tussle, and it is one of the most majestic things you will ever see. The five-minute video shows the roos fighting in a suburban street on the Central Coast, New South Wales. The kangaroos demonstrate their full array of skills, including punches, grapples, and amazing kicks (with only their tails on the ground). Shot on a suburban street familiar to all Australians, the video’s soundtrack features Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries”, as famously used in Apocalypse Now.    …

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Watch as this Sea Lion Tosses Fisherman Across A Boat Entertainment Featured Life News 

Watch as this Sea Lion Tosses Fisherman Across A Boat

  A Russian fisherman learned just how strong a sea lion can be when one hurled him across the deck of his boat. The raging creature was caught in the fishermen’s nets, and they had just cut it free. Then, the sea lion goes into full diva mode, grabs the fisherman’s arm in its mouth and throws him in the opposite direction, like a total boss. HYAAAAAAHHHHHH The sea lion then goes on a rampage, probably saying in seal, “I CAME OUT TO HAVE A GOOD TIME AND…

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