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In the world of Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal

An artist with added creativity for curb appeal.

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/W0TwUzC

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10 Thoughts to “In the world of Curb Appeal”

  1. DoctorJungyBrongen

    awwww the mouse looks all sad and what not 🙁

  2. TheBlindPhotographer


  3. CiriusTrio

    Put your teeth on the mouse!

  4. HaiDare

    That is a mouse.

  5. DoctorJungyBrongen

    Luckily you cannot curb-stomp this mouse.

  6. skokosaurus

    If you give a mouse a watering can


    Water we going to do tonight Brain?

  8. StripplefitzParty

    Just don’t give it a cookie. It’ll be here forever then.

  9. dunbar4prez

    Idk but I like it

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