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Just a kitty who loves tacos

This kitty really loves Tacos. She is bound and determined to have Mexican tonight.

Just a kitty who loves tacos

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/Cx2KE

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10 Thoughts to “Just a kitty who loves tacos”

  1. notasrelevant

    I’ve had a cat try to crawl up my leg before… that shit hurts! I’m surprised the claws didn’t get through those jeans and scratch her!

  2. Magnivore

    Yeah, tacos. You stick to that story little buddy, for as long as you can.

  3. flpanhandle

    I like tacos too! Can I touch the butt too?

  4. publicwifi

    I’d hit that pussy… right off my hip!

  5. graffiti62

    That’s a nice onion!

  6. escalatorscannotbebrokentheycanonlybecomestairs


  7. Ladnav

    I’d hit that… On accident with my car and feel really bad about it.

  8. jjohnson232

    Can we get Waka to “sing” this shit?

  9. dancelikeithurtstostandstill

    i think the kitty likes ass…

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