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Just a kitty who loves tacos

This kitty really loves Tacos. She is bound and determined to have Mexican tonight. Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/Cx2KE You love your pets. Here’s just how you can reveal your love and also give them a splendidly loving gift box each month. Possibly best of all, BarkBox supports thousands of rescue group all over the U.S.A! Subscribe To It’s a regular monthly subscription-based service that sends a special box of hand-selected treats and also toys particularly produced for your pet dog. It is like a birthday celebration for your animals monthly, but…

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Keep an Eye Out – People Are Blaming This Angry Cat For A Spate Of Violence In Texas

Does not play well with others. If you ever find yourself in Woodland Heights, Texas, make sure you keep an eye out for a rather aggressive cat. youtube.com A man called David told Local 2 he had been out walking his dogs on Monday evening when the terrifying cat jumped off a fence and ran towards him. “I tried to get in the way to try and protect the dogs and the cat latched on to my leg and scratched. It looks like a bite mark to me,” he told…

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What? This Cat Hates Unwanted Hugs As Much As You Do

An inner monologue. “What, why is this happening to me?” imgur.com “Oh god, the hug is lingering. Go to my happy place.” imgur.com “Why are you still hugging me while we are speaking? DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS HELL?” imgur.com “Ok, I can deal with this for a few more seconds.” imgur.com “I change my mind: I welcome the sweet relief of death’s embrace more than ever right now.” imgur.com   Read more

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Jude—The Grumpy Cat

Jude may pose like an elegant cat, but he’s really up to no good. “I may have tipped over a chair behind me, but I will pose as though I am a statue.” “Well, might as well get some shut-eye” The day Jude meets Tang, “he can’t reach me up here” “If you’re leaving, make sure you take me with you.” “I’m a big fan of Coronas.” “I don’t care about your laundry, if it fits, I sits.”     “It’s comfortable, don’t hate.” “You’re kind of making me mad,…

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