Just in time for Valentine's Day - Crazy how these Dog Markings Will Make You Fall In Love Entertainment Image Life 

Just in time for Valentine’s Day – Crazy how these Dog Markings Will Make You Fall In Love.

  Most people in the world tend to favor one animal over the rest. Some of us are cat people, while others are dog people. (Some  of you may even be   hamster people. Who am I to judge?) No matter what our differences are, one thing is certain: you’re going to love dogs a little more after you see this. These are some of the most unusual dog breeds and dog markings you’ll ever see. They’re spotted, striped and downright adorable. Brace yourself. You might just fall in love. This…

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Are Animals Really Better at Friendships Than People Entertainment Image Life 

Are Animals Really Better at Friendships Than People? 15 Adorable Pic’s that Show Us How.

No matter how adorable, dangerous or strange animals are, there is one thing that is for certain: they are better than people. They don’t hold grudges, judge or condescend. Animals don’t ruin your day just because they can. All they want to do is act naturally, and in some cases, when they do, it’s the cutest thing in the world. Take these 15 unique animal friends, for example. These odd couples couldn’t be more different from one another, yet they embrace their friendship. When do humans show such acceptance and love? We…

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Community Post: 13 Dogs Who Are Really Concerned About Sequestration Entertainment Entertainment & Culture Featured Humanities Image Life News 

This is the list of 10 Dogs Who Are Really Concerned About Sequestration

1. These guys are wondering if their research and development funding will be impacted. mererhetoric.com / Via mererhetoric.com 2. These guys are worried about the lack of dog representation on the Super Committee. shellypandah / Via s1012.beta.photobucket.com 3. This one is not hopeful that a bipartisan solution will be reached. perfectpuppycare.com / Via perfectpuppycare.com 4. This kid fears a drop in U.S. credit ratings and increased market uncertainty. socialsmores.blogspot.com / Via socialsmores.blogspot.com 5. Here’s one who is skeptical of across-the-board cuts without adequate revenue. puppylovepreschool.blogspot.com / Via puppylovepreschool.blogspot.com   6.…

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10 puppies that seem like things Entertainment Featured Image Life 

what do you see – 10 puppies that seem like things

1. Barra de Pan Via hellyeahpugs.tumblr.com 2. Jabba el Hutt Via screenjunkies.com 3. E.T. Via pugsinclothes.tumblr.com 4. Marty Feldman Via dogs.icanhascheezburger.com 5. Una Foca Via blogger.com 6. Jesús   7. Wampa Via starwarsblog.starwars.com 8. “No está mál” de Obama Via hellyeahpugs.tumblr.com 9. El Hombre que Parece un Dedo Gordo Via weheartit.com 10. Arnold de Blanco y Negro Via taryndeee.tumblr.com   Read more: #buzzfeed  

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Looks Like A Baker's Dozen Of Cat Loaves Entertainment Life 

Looks Like A Baker’s Dozen Of Cat Loaves

You look loavely today.   1. Purrpernickel Loaf instagram.com   2. A Sliced Sandwhisker Loaf instagram.com   3. Meowrble Rye Loaf instagram.com   4. Pouncetato Loaf instagram.com   5. Furrrench Baguette instagram.com   6. Fo-cat-ccia Loaf instagram.com   7. Meowrdough Loaf instagram.com   8. (Flea) Challah Loaf instagram.com   9. Chocolate Babka(t) Loaf instagram.com   10. Ciaccatta Loaf instagram.com   11. Meownkey Bread Loaf instagram.com   12. Zukitteni Loaf instagram.com   13. Pawpyseed Loaf instagram.com   via A Baker’s Dozen Of Cat Loaves.

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Husky Says NO To Bedtime Entertainment Humanities Life 

Really – This Husky Says “No!” To Bedtime

F Sometimes, people and animals have more in common than you might think. Blaze, the beautiful young Husky in this video, is obstinately resisting his owner’s suggestion that he go to sleep in his kennel. In this case, the owner is just doing it to tease the pup, but all of us have probably resisted our bedtimes just at fiercely at one point or another. And because he’s a Husky, which is a very verbose breed, it sounds just like he’s saying “No!” report Read more: http://www.boredpanda.com/husky-says-no-kennel-bedtime-blaze/

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