Community Post: 13 Dogs Who Are Really Concerned About Sequestration Entertainment Entertainment & Culture Featured Humanities Image Life News 

This is the list of 10 Dogs Who Are Really Concerned About Sequestration

1. These guys are wondering if their research and development funding will be impacted. / Via 2. These guys are worried about the lack of dog representation on the Super Committee. shellypandah / Via 3. This one is not hopeful that a bipartisan solution will be reached. / Via 4. This kid fears a drop in U.S. credit ratings and increased market uncertainty. / Via 5. Here’s one who is skeptical of across-the-board cuts without adequate revenue. / Via   6.…

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10 puppies that seem like things Entertainment Featured Image Life 

what do you see – 10 puppies that seem like things

1. Barra de Pan Via 2. Jabba el Hutt Via 3. E.T. Via 4. Marty Feldman Via 5. Una Foca Via 6. Jesús   7. Wampa Via 8. “No está mál” de Obama Via 9. El Hombre que Parece un Dedo Gordo Via 10. Arnold de Blanco y Negro Via   Read more: #buzzfeed   You love your pets. Here’s just how you can reveal your love and also give them a splendidly loving gift box each month. Possibly best of…

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Looks Like A Baker's Dozen Of Cat Loaves Entertainment Life 

Looks Like A Baker’s Dozen Of Cat Loaves

You look loavely today.   1. Purrpernickel Loaf   2. A Sliced Sandwhisker Loaf   3. Meowrble Rye Loaf   4. Pouncetato Loaf   5. Furrrench Baguette   6. Fo-cat-ccia Loaf   7. Meowrdough Loaf   8. (Flea) Challah Loaf   9. Chocolate Babka(t) Loaf   10. Ciaccatta Loaf   11. Meownkey Bread Loaf   12. Zukitteni Loaf   13. Pawpyseed Loaf   via A Baker’s Dozen Of Cat Loaves.

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Wait till you see what happened - Someone Left This Dog Outside During A Rainstorm Entertainment Humanities Life 

Wait till you see what happened – Someone Left This Dog Outside During A Rainstorm

Someone Left This Dog Outside During A Rainstorm…Then This Happened A big shout-out to the person who took this poor dog inside.   H/T YouTube via Someone Left This Dog Outside During A Rainstorm…Then This Happened – Dose – Your Daily Dose of Amazing.

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Husky Says NO To Bedtime Entertainment Humanities Life 

Really – This Husky Says “No!” To Bedtime

F Sometimes, people and animals have more in common than you might think. Blaze, the beautiful young Husky in this video, is obstinately resisting his owner’s suggestion that he go to sleep in his kennel. In this case, the owner is just doing it to tease the pup, but all of us have probably resisted our bedtimes just at fiercely at one point or another. And because he’s a Husky, which is a very verbose breed, it sounds just like he’s saying “No!” report Read more:

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Entertainment Life Media News 

Don”t Bite the hand that Feeds You! Groundhog Day 2015: Conflictins forecasts and a bitten Mayor

During the Groundhogs Day celebration Monday in Sun Prairie, Jimmy’s handler held the #groundhog next to the face of Mayor Jonathan Freund and Jimmy promptly bit down on the mayor’s ear. says the Groundhog Day celebration became even more precarious when Jimmy’s handlers, Jerry and Maria Hahn, said the mayor had gotten it wrong and that there would be six more weeks of winter. PUNXSUTAWNEY, Pa. — The handlers of Pennsylvania’s most famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, said Monday the furry rodent has forecast six more weeks of winter. There will…

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What happens when Technology and Human get together Entertainment Image Life Media News 

What happens when Technology and Animals get together?

The street view on Google Maps is a great feature, especially for checking out places you’ve never been before. Sometimes though, Google inadvertently captures some candid, hilarious, and/or beautiful pictures of the spots they’re mapping. Just imagine checking out a new place on street view and seeing one of these 31 pictures. Wait until you get to #11. That would freak me out. 1.) Seagull coming in for a landing. Imgur 2.) Russian guy chasing a bear. Imgur 3.) Butterfly landing on the Google Street Car camera. Imgur 4.) The aftermath of…

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21 pugs Entertainment Featured Image Life 

For you Pug Lovers – 21 pugs maravillosamente sorprendentes

Los pugs son las criaturas más hermosas que existen sobre el planeta. 1. “Este es, por lejos, mi mejor ángulo” 2. “Puedes dar un paso atrás y admirar mi sorprendente gracia” 3. “¿Ves mis tazas de té y mi dulce figura? No me digas que no estás impresionado” 4. “Yo le llamo a esta pose… DELICIOSO PUGALICIOSO”   5. “Esta es una fiesta sólo para pugs sorprendentes” 6. “¡Eh!, ¡tú! ¡Sí, a ti te estoy hablando!” 7. “¡Oh! ¿yo? Esta solamente es mi pose…

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