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Helpful Pets: See How These Pets are Helping Their Owners

It’s just so hard to find good help these days. Luckily, for this family in Scotland, they don’t need to look any farther than their adorable pet pup: a bull mastiff named Millie. The helpful hound grabs groceries from one owner and drops them off to the encouragement of the other. Meawhile, I’m still working on “sit” and “don’t pee on the carpet” with my dog. Take a look at the Millie’s impressive work in action! (via Metro.) Those other two might want to step up their game if they really want the good treats. The…

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LOL – This Bulldog Can’t Reach His Tennis Ball And It’s So Adorable

Welcome to the short arm club, buddy. Uploaded in 2013 by YouTube user Piotr Nowak, we see his bulldog BlanKy trying to be like any other dog. Piotr Nowak / Via Except he’s not because he has t-rex arms… Piotr Nowak / Via And he can’t reach his tennis ball. Piotr Nowak / Via #TheStruggle But once he finally works up the strength to get to his ball… Piotr Nowak / Via He goes back to square one. Piotr Nowak / Via Maybe it just…

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