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What do you think …….. I think the new hat is a hit!

I think the new hat is a hit!

So what do you think of my new hat? Is it a hit or what?

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/kUTCuF7

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20 Thoughts to “What do you think …….. I think the new hat is a hit!”

  1. isanababy

    Kitty seems to disagree.

  2. ShamrockFury

    I think you’re the one who is going to get hit

  3. Johnsonschlager

    It looks pissed.

  4. SuperMilkTime

    Those eyes say otherwise….

  5. zhangkevin2

    Looks like an owl

  6. grizzzzzly

    I don’t think your cat likes it…

  7. BigDickPodrick

    The cat in the hat

  8. chromepilot


  9. HankHillPropaneAndPropaneAccessories

    Oooooooh shamrock fury spittin out da mad truth niggas

  10. WhatUpMyNinjas

    you’re fuckin dead

  11. danjmac3

    The hat says “adorable” but the eyes say “I will murder you and all your kin”

  12. mohammedobad

    he doesn’t think so

  13. HowDoiReachTheseKeeeeedz

    Order… ORDER! *Bangs tiny British gavel*

  14. kgirl924

    That’s one pissy pussy you’ve got there OP.

  15. tangybreath

    Well, he looks thrilled

  16. DesignStein

    Cat looks like it’s thinking “I will eat your first born.”

  17. weavehole

    Not awwww human, I said I wanted to look like WAR

  18. kaloyan

    That paw makes it look like the cat took a selfie.

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