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Amazing but Sad Story of A Sloth Bear that Wandered Into this Indian Family’s Home

The Sloth Bear that Needed a Place to Stay

The bond between humans and animals is truly unique, even if those animals don’t happen to be domesticated. A Reddit user shared a story about a wild animal that befriended a human family in Lakhapada village in India… and it’s a tale that could melt your heart. A friendly sloth bear cub found the family’s house after following a herd of goats. Once he got there, the bear didn’t want to leave.

The Kisan family was surprised to see the sloth bear, but was happy to let him stay.

Biswaranjan Rout

He never left, so they named him Buddu and he became part of the family.

Biswaranjan Rout

Sloth bears aren’t usually so friendly, making this bear very special.

Biswaranjan Rout

He loved spending time with the family.

Biswaranjan Rout

You can tell by the look on his face that he enjoyed his time there.

Biswaranjan Rout

But it wouldn’t last forever.

Biswaranjan Rout

Source: Reddit Because the sloth bear is an endangered species, national forest department officials had to step in. Not only that, but most adult sloth bears are aggressive and deadly, unlike the friendly little Buddu. So, they removed him from the Kisan family home and placed him back in his (disappearing) habitat. I really wish he could’ve stayed. It seems like he definitely wanted to be with this family. Hopefully, Buddu will never forget his time with the human family, because they will never forget him. Share this touching story with others by clicking below.

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