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Amazing Flying Sugar Glider – Must See

Flying Sugar Glider Love’s It’s Mommy

Among one of the most distinct aspects of Sugar Gliders as house animals is exactly how highly they “bond” to their human family members. Bonding is a “procedure” that could take anywhere from a couple of days– to 2 or 3 months– and also much like human youngsters, no 2 Gliders are precisely the very same.

sugar glider

In shorts, they are not simply a “a single person” pet. When caused right into a family members setup with children as well as various other family pets, they will generally take into consideration everybody (consisting of the pets) to be their “nest”, and also will certainly bond to that team permanently.

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In the wild, Sugar Gliders typically stay in “nests” of 10-15 various other Gliders– when they start the “bonding stage” of their lives (roughly 9-12 weeks from the bag) they “naturally desire” to bond to an entire TEAM.

They are initially from the jungles of Australia and also Indonesia, as well as have actually been locally reproduced as family pet dogs in the USA for the last 12-15 years.


They obtained the name “Sugar Gliders” since they want to consume nearly anything that is pleasant, specifically fresh fruit & veggies, and also they have a sliding membrane layer (much like a flying squirrel) that extends from their wrist to their ankle joints, permitting them to move – not fly – from tree to tree

While they bond to every person in the family, each glider will certainly often have a favored individual. Generally the individual that holds them the most will certainly be their key bond.

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