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Animal Fails: Watch 21 Animals That Thought They Could Make The Jump

So Close but So Far Away

Most people think that our pet animals are just so full of grace, and at one with the world and have the balance of good nature. But, if you have ever had a pet yourself, you will know that they can sometimes be downright funny goofballs. IMO some animals are even as clumsy as we really are (and THAT’s really saying something). Here are 21 of the most hilarious, crazy funny cat videos and animals that have tried so very hard… but in the end they failed just so bad. LOL.


You have got to give him a little credit for trying.

Oh cats – they are such graceful creatures.

This little guy was dreaming big.

Theses funny cat videos are just too funny.

You would of thought they’d seen this one coming.

“It was all the snow fault, man…”

Finally SUCCESS!

This is the world’s most awesome dramatic hiccup.

It really ended before it even had a chance to began. 🙂

Awww, now he just looks all sheepish.

This is one evil mirror – the cat was just asking for this.

That’s not nice – What a jerk. 🙁

Ahhh, such grace and poise.

WEEEE! – Here we go!!!

Fans are just NO match for famous super cat.

NO on your mark, set…. Forget it!!

On thing is this puppy sure has spunk. He just needs to practice more at jumping.

It must have been a long night of dumpster diving.

That’s okay, it was probably a hot tin roof.

Now that was a pretty awesome jump!

What in the world was he even TRYING to actually do here?

Note: There were no animals harmed in the making of these hilarious images (unless you count their egos, those were probably irreparably damaged). Click below to share this hilarious list with others. 🙂

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