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Even with A Birth Defect This Dog has Beat The Odds – So Cute!

A Birth Defect is NOT going to hold this little guy back.

There are toy dogs, the plastic or stuffed kind you used to play with as a kid, and then there’s this completely adorable little pup, named Toy Dog. (A little too on the nose?)

Toy Dog was born with a birth defect that made him very tiny, and caused him to have stiff legs and walk funny. His owners didn’t think he would make it, but gave him all the chances in the world to do so. It’s a good thing they did, because he beat all the odds and became the most adorable little dog ever.

His cuteness is just heart-crushing.

(Source: ToyDog)

This special animal will never seem to know just how they’re handicapped but this pup is so full of joy just like any of the other dogs. His future is really looking good for this Awesome little guy.

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Read more: http://viralnova.com/cute-toy-dog/

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