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IT WAS GRUESOME MURDER! Grisly, Vile, Adorable Duck Murder.

No one would want to walk into a murder scene as grisly as this one. After stepping foot inside the door, this pet owner saw something they would never be able to burn from their eyes. The damage was done, but a culprit needed to be found.

Prepare yourself to see something gruesomely adorable.

There were two suspects – but only one could be sentenced.

Both the dog and the cat were found close to the body. This wouldn’t be an open and shut case.

Cat displayed sociopathic tendencies, not showing emotion when enjoying the leg of the dead duck.

Dog enthusiastically licked his lips over the body, but that wasn’t enough evidence.

Until Dog was caught with some of the remains IN his mouth.

Along with this threatening note.

Oh dog, how could you?

We can’t tell if his remorse is real, we’re just glad a criminal like Dog is now locked away.


Read more: http://viralnova.com/gruesome-duck-murder/

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