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Nothing Like a Ride in the Car – Watch This Dog Make the Most of It!

The Ahhh of taking a Car Ride Watch the Funny Dog Faces – This bring it to the Max for this Furry Friend & Is sure to Bring A Smile to Your Face

Nothing Like a Ride in the Car - Watch This Dog Make the Most of It!

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We all have a rough day now and then. There are those times when all the little things pile up in your life to make you feel like a miserable grump. But if that’s the case for you today, prepare to turn that frown upside down my friend.


This is freedom.

Though we cannot recognize for sure, the majority of pets resemble they’re having a good time hanging their leave the car window. We can’t understand for sure, the majority of canines look like they’re having fun hanging their head out the auto window.
The basic excitement of running out your house and also taking a trip someplace with their owner may be enjoyable sufficient. Or perhaps the excitement of fast movement, somebody else driving and also wind whipping in their face is similar to the excitement a human feels when using a roller coaster.

Ears that are blown back up, dewlaps flapping, eyes near slits of ecstasy is for what pets enjoy, a journey in the vehicle is pure happiness, as well as if they reach hang their leave the home window while the auto actions, it’s the closest they could reach paradise while still on earth. Because not all people delight in the sensation of a hurricane in the face, you may ask yourself why Fido likes it so much. Though just canines understand why for sure, there are theories to clarify this common doggy practice. Just pets understand why for specific, there are concepts to describe this common doggy practice.

Just like people, canines like to see where they’re going and also check out appealing views along the method. Numerous canines aren’t high adequate to see out the vehicle home windows without standing up on their back legs, as well as once they are up against the window, hanging their head out gives an also far better view of everything along the roadway.

One look at this incredibly funny dog will make you laugh – The Weimaraner is so happy and enjoying the breeze while riding around in his owner’s car ride will brighten up even the crabbiest curmudgeon’s day. The handsome fella is named Pilly (short for Pilatus) and his wind-blown smile is hilariously contagious. Just look at him!

This is happiness.

This is pure joy.

(H/T: Twisted Sifter.)

You can check out the full minute-long joyride below:

So funny, and such a great reminder to think like Pilly and always embrace the simple in pleasures in life.

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