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How You Could Stop Your Canine From Pulling On The Leash Throughout Walks

Pulling at the chain is one of the maximum not unusual wrongdoings seen on all sorts of canines. Chain drawing can result in depart inside the situation of a ruin inside the collar or chain, and additionally an out of control, off chain dog could be each harmful and additionally risky to itself as well as to others. Leash drawing ought to arise from various different things. Sometimes, the pet may simply be so excited to go along with a stroll that he or she is unable to control themselves.…

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Dog Plays Fetch with Trampoline Entertainment Featured 

Clever dog plays fetch with himself using a TRAMPOLINE!

Bear the dog from California used his owner’s trampoline to play fetch with himself. After placing the ball on the mat, he ran underneath and nudged the ball into … You love your pets. Here’s just how you can reveal your love and also give them a splendidly loving gift box each month. Possibly best of all, BarkBox supports thousands of rescue group all over the U.S.A! Subscribe To It’s a regular monthly subscription-based service that sends a special box of hand-selected treats and also toys particularly produced for your…

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Tips for Safe Camping with Your Dog

When vacation time is approaching, most certainly you don’t want to leave your dog behind. For very many dog owners, dogs are members of the family. So, enjoying a vacation together is a must for many people that have dogs in their families. If you love camping, you should know that this is a great opportunity to bring your dog along. Dogs love it in the outdoors, but they will love even more to be at your side at all times. However, you should make this kind of experiences safe…

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boxer at vet Entertainment Entertainment & Culture Featured Life 

This Boxer Dog Upset His Dad Took Him To The Vet

By now, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that our pet dogs don’t delight in trips to the vet. They obtain unpleasant shots, poked in weird areas, and also typically need to invest long periods of time being monitored by strange individuals. We do get it. However when this pet dog proprietor mosted likely to choose his pooch up from a veterinarian see, he was anticipating to be welcomed by a thrilled dog prepared, ready, as well as excited to get the hell outta there. When this dog proprietor went…

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This is what happens when 21 Animals Who Aren’t Even Trying At All

1. This dog who basically just gave up trying to participate in group activities with these other dogs. 2. This cat who doesn’t even care enough to walk down these stairs anymore. 3. And this cat who’s done trying to even figure out this pillow. 4. This cat who can’t express how little she cares about the dot. 5. This dog who isn’t even trying to figure out how to get to the kitchen. 6. This squirrel who basically just gave up trying to use…

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Even with A Birth Defect This Dog has Beat The Odds – So Cute!

A Birth Defect is NOT going to hold this little guy back. There are toy dogs, the plastic or stuffed kind you used to play with as a kid, and then there’s this completely adorable little pup, named Toy Dog. (A little too on the nose?) Toy Dog was born with a birth defect that made him very tiny, and caused him to have stiff legs and walk funny. His owners didn’t think he would make it, but gave him all the chances in the world to do so. It’s…

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Playing a Game of Peekaboo Entertainment Life 

Playing a Game of Peekaboo – Benny The Bulldog “I See You”.

Most of us have probably played a game of peekaboo with our dogs before, either getting a look of real excitement or utter confusion back. But have you ever seen a dog join in on the game, actually playing peekaboo back? That’s exactly what Benny the Bulldog does when he’s bored. Watch as Benny slowly raises his head from under a coffee table to meet the stare of his owner, before lowering his head back again and doing it all over again. You can see he loves every second of…

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Things You Didn't Know About Dogs - Who Would've Thought Entertainment Life 

Things You Didn’t Know About Dogs – Who Would’ve Thought?

Disclaimer: I love dogs. There, I said it. It’s out there in the open, and we can all move on, right? Nope 😉 Here are my 22 favorite things about dogs. From super eating abilities to the guiltiest faces you’ll ever see, I promise you’ll love them. And love your furry little child a little more in the process. Labrador retrievers are the most popular dogs on the planet. And the most guilty. Dog urine can corrode metals. In fact, several lampposts in Croatia actually collapsed because so many dogs…

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