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I Wasn’t Expecting You Home So Early – Got to Love Them!

What our pets do at home while we’re at work is a mystery we will probably never fully solve. But for a minority of our four-legged friends, their secrets are revealed when their owners come home early from work. Being caught unawares, it seems, can be somewhat embarrassing for them – but from our point of view it can often be utterly hilarious. Here are 18 of the craziest examples we’ve found.   reddit I was just, uhm, making sure your beer was cool enough for when you came home……

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The Perfect Drinking Water Fountain for Our Dog Entertainment Featured Life Weird Stuff 

The Perfect Drinking Water Fountain for Our Dog

Boxer Dog Goes Bananas For New Dog Water Fountain Dogs understand the best ways to live life right. Pets in general just understand how to live life and this Boxer sure knows how to use this dog water fountain outside. From their naturally favorable outlook, to their totally loving spirit, to their capacity to play anywhere as well as with nearly anyone, they’re basically absolutely cute, furry, four-legged versions of our ideal selves. Either this dog is really talented or we have a new invention! Many pets seem to be…

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Got to See the Goats in Pajamas Entertainment Life Weird Stuff 

Got to See the Goats in Pajamas

These goats seem to love their pajamas. Who would of thought that you would ever see a goat in PJ’s? Although it is so cute, it makes you wonder how they got them into the crazy things. Goat clothing is fast becoming popular these days. Doing a search on  “goats in clothes” and there are almost About 1,450,000 results. There are  goats in clothes on Tumblr,  14 Goats Wearing Human Outfits,  Want to Keep Your Goat Warm? Try a Goat Coat – Modern Farmer, and Goatcoatshop The list goes on…

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Is it a Ghost or a Theremin This Cat is Playing With Entertainment Humanities Life Weird Stuff 

Is it a Ghost or a Theremin This Cat is Playing With?

A theremin is an instrument you don’t need to touch to play. Andrea Lodi / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: pelodia Watch as this cat plays a theremin…or pattycake with a ghost kitty. youtube.com EeeeEEEeeeeeeeeee. harlemtwerk / Via youtube.com “What the frack?” -the other kitty harlemtwerk / Via youtube.com     Read more: 

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