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10 Animals With Unusual Superpowers…

Unusual Animals with Superpowers

Have you ever wanted to have superpowers? (I mean who hasn’t, right?) I could totally use some super strength. Then, I wouldn’t need to beg my friends to come over and help me move furniture.

Well these 10 animals actually have superpowers. They give me hope that one day I can achieve my superpower dreams without a hefty dose of gamma radiation. Just wait until you see what the pistol shrimp can do. (#8). So cool.

1.) The Bird Flea.

Fleas are some of the best animal jumpers in the world. Normally, they can jump 200 times their body length, and 150 times their body height.

The bird flea is the best jumper among fleas. It can jump about 220 times its size. That would be the be the equivalent of a human jumping 1,300 feet over an 820 foot tall building.

2.) Sea Cucumber.

Sea cucumbers are harmless creatures, but they have an awesome defense mechanism. Because of their unique biology, they can almost instantly change their body from a solid to a liquid then back to a solid.

3.) Shocking Pink Dragon Millipede.

When its hot pink color doesn’t work to ward off predators, the dragon millipede can shoot clouds of hydrogen cyanide from its mouth. Which in case you’re wondering, it is highly toxic. Yeah, you don’t want to mess with this thing.

4.) The Mantis Shrimp.

The mantis shrimp throws one heck of punch. It can deliver a blow with the force more than 1,000 times its own body weight. That’s as fast as a bullet.

Mantis shrimp also have some of the most sophisticated eyes in the world. That makes them even more deadly hunters.

5.) Hairy Frog.

The hairy frog, named so because it looks hairy, has a pretty amazing defense system built in. When it’s being threatened, this frog can actually grow claws.

It does this by breaking its toe bones and pushing the sharp end through the skin. Kind of like Wolverine from X-Men.

6.) The Mimic Octopus.

Most octopi are able to change their pigmentation to blend in with their surroundings, but the mimic octopus takes it a step further.

It is able to impersonate other sea animals for either hunting or escaping. Scientists who study the mimic octopus have observed it pretending to be over a dozen different species.

7.) Hummingbirds.

Hummingbirds are awesome, as we already know. They are the smallest birds on the planet, and are also the fastest.

On average, a hummingbird can fly 385 times its own body length per second. They’re also the only birds that can hover stationary in the air.

8.) Pistol Shrimp.

The pistol shrimp has two claws, one tiny, and the other abnormally large. Can you guess which one is a deadly weapon?

Pistol shrimp can snap their claw so fast that it creates what are known as cavitation bubbles that are nearly as hot as the sun. When the bubbles burst they create miniature sonic booms of up to 218 decibels. This is very helpful for hunting fish.

9.) Turritopsis Nutricula.

This tiny jellyfish is essentially immortal. It’s the only animal on Earth that can reverse its life cycle when it becomes sick or old. So far this process seem like it can be repeated an infinite number of times.

10.) Tardigrade.

Tardigrades are tiny organisms that are among the most hearty on Earth. They can survive temperatures ranging from -200 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius. Food is also not complete necessary for Tardigrades.

They can go into stasis and survive without food or water for at least 100 years. It’s even possible for Tardigrades to survive the vacuum of space.

Check out this awesome video for even more info about these super animals.

(Via: IFL Science)

I wonder if it’s legal to keep pistol shrimp as pets… and weapons. Don’t forget to share these amazing animals with your friends by clicking below.

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