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It Looks like i’m a dog person now :)

Looks like i'm a dog person now :)

It’s really looking I’m a dog person now.

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/XkdJgFK

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11 Thoughts to “It Looks like i’m a dog person now :)”

  1. graehall

    Step 2: prepare your inbox.

  2. Fletchski

    Duh. You’re a man

  3. imjustgoingtokeepchangingthis

    Why aren’t you cuddling it?

  4. Noxiiuz

    Wheres the red one on your other shoulder that tells you to pee on your neighbors lawn?

  5. CephalopodsLie

    Oh my goodness what a cutie!!

  6. IHopeThisUserNameIsntTakenYet

    Step one, be insanely good looking and make sure you’re dog is, too

  7. thesmartestsmurf

    Looks like im a you person now…

  8. caloohcalay


  9. halvy

    It’s busy peeing on his neighbors lawn.

  10. crickeybug

    looks like im a you person now 😉

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