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LOL – My dog hates life right now

My dog hates life right now

Right now my dog really hates life

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20 Thoughts to “LOL – My dog hates life right now”

  1. ItalianStallions


  2. HumptyDumptyWasPushed

    I do not like the cone of shame

  3. MadamImAdam

    Why did you put that lamp outside?

  4. SeanJohnSnow

    The snow cone of shame

  5. Leaga

    I do not like the cone of shame!

  6. Dumbledurr

    Wall… wall… wall… wall… squirrel? No. Wall… wall… wall…

  7. spikerz

    My dog is also in the cone of unhappiness due to butt surgery.

  8. DerBleistift

    I do NOT like THE cone OF shame

  9. aRandomWolf

    Well, if you’d just stop licking yourself, you wouldn’t need the cone, random commenter.

  10. StopTryingToMakeFetchHappenItsNotGoingToHappen

    this may be the most white trash back yard i have seen in a while

  11. StopTryingToMakeFetchHappenItsNotGoingToHappen

    wow, i did not mean for that to sound so mean

  12. chemistrydoc

    He needs to use the cone to his advantage.

  13. PlutosBeard

    I can’t see you, u can’t see me

  14. RatherRelevant

    So do I (final tomorrow)

  15. goawaybird

    What dog?

  16. letsnotgotocamelottisasillyplace

    I love you lamp.

  17. Dumbledurr

    But do you like the cone of shame?

  18. ItalianStallions

    no nigga no

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